In 2016, TCETSA launched the Tiny Homes Project. A holistic home building project aimed at addressing the needs of the trainees in construction safety, trades training, and hands-on experience for young adults interested in becoming apprentices.
By involving skilled journeyman from our nations in their training of the building of Tiny Homes, this project seeks to address homelessness and provide exposure to various trade opportunities allowing apprentices to make informed choices for their futures.

TCETSA believes in three core program elements: Innovation, Collaboration, and Coordination. To align with these elements TCETSA innovatively created this pilot program, and coordinated the Tiny Home project in collaboration with the following partners; Alberta Human Services provided funding, TradeWinds to Success provided an academic refresher and personal protective equipment (PPE), Alberta Labourers Training Trust Fund (ALTTF – Local #92) delivered the Construction Craft Labourer Training, Dave Ferro assisted with the development of the Occupation Health and Safety Manual for each of the sites, North Eastern Alberta Apprenticeship Initiative (NEAAI) assisted with job placements, mentor ship and will provide on-going tutoring supports to the trainees. As well, the communities provided the building materials and training allowances for participants, Seven Lakes and Pimee donated funding for tool and equipment purchases, and Bird Construction donated tools.



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