TCETSA is an Aboriginal Skills and Employment Training Strategy ASETS Agreement Holder. This is the federal government’s successor strategy to the Aboriginal

Human Resources Development Strategy AHRDS and is designed to help improve employment opportunities of Aboriginal peoples and enable them to fully participate in the Canadian economy in a relationship based on mutual trust, respect and openness.




The ASETS provides funding to Aboriginal organizations to support the costs of programs, services and other activities undertaken by those organizations which are designed to increase the participation in the Canadian labour market of the Aboriginal peoples served by those organizations.
The three priorities under ASETS are:
* Demand Driven * Partnerships * Increased Accountability



The clientele who are eligible to apply for assistance under the programs and who are served by the Organization under its programs shall include all self-identified First Nation peoples residing on reserve or off-reserve or in an urban community located in and around the Tribal Chiefs Ventures region of Treaty Six.



The region encompasses six First Nations communities:

Beaver Lake First Nation             Heart Lake First Nation

Cold Lake First Nation                      Kehewin Cree Nation

Frog Lake First Nation             Whitefish (Goodfish) Lake

First Nation


We receive the following types of funding for these programs:

* Consolidated Revenue Funding (CRF) –

   these funds are available to individuals who don’t qualify for employment.

* Employment Insurance (EI) –

   these funds, are available to individuals who qualify for employment insurance.

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