North East Alberta Apprenticeship Initiative (N.E.A.A.I.)


The North East Alberta Apprenticeship Initiative (N.E.A.A.I.) is guided by the participation of partner organizations and was established in a pilot initiative in the year 2013-2014.

The initiative includes the collaboration of 11 indigenous communities in North East Alberta, the industries and businesses in the region, Alberta Government departments, pre-apprenticeship and technical training institutions, and additional partnerships for apprenticeship enhancements such as community training and housing, drivers trainers, federal government support, and others. Staff work within the region to continuously engage with individuals seeking apprenticeship opportunities, employers seeking engagement of apprentices, and the Indigenous communities.

NEAAI Vision Statement

To increase the number of Aboriginal/non-Aboriginal apprentices participating and completing to Journey-person status.

NEAAI Mission Statement

To develop skilled workers in the Alberta Workforce through building, maintaining and sustaining positive working relationships with stakeholders in the Alberta North East.


NEAAI not only supports and encourages clients to join the trades and become indentured but also recognizes successful students each year in moving forward to Journey-person status.

Each Graduate is presented with a gift and honored with an eagle feather at the Annual Recognition event.






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