Initiated in 2016 through grants from Alberta Indegenious Relations, the Drivers Initiative program aims to overcome one of the largest barriers to employment- the lack of a Drivers License.

The requirements for employment in the industries that our members work in generally requires a Class 5 Driver’s License. In order to obtain a Class 5 Driver’s License, an individual must first acquire their Class 7 Learner’s Permit. The Class 7 Learner’s Permit Initiative helps provide an in house solution for a barrier that many of TCETSA’s clients face. It also provides Train-the-Trainer sessions to help enhance the accessibility to drivers training in
the community. The program has also taken an inclusive approach and is being made available to Métis communities and urban and rural centres that offer training to First Nation

Challenging dynamics of acquiring a Class 7 in the present day:

• the exam is comprehensively challenging
• the language is not user friendly
• the online exams are not consistent for studying
• no immediate mentorship/guidance available
• Class 7 Learner guides are no longer in production, the expectation is that everything can be learned online

Barriers of our participants in the present day:
• reading and comprehension skills
• little-to-no access to computers
• non-to-minimal mentor ship/guidance
• racial barriers
• different learning styles (audio, visual, and hands-on are provided)

What the Class 7 Training offers to the Trainers in training:
• a tool kit with resources which includes a user-friendly
• facilitator’s guide, with participant booklets
• The kit is designed to encourage creativity for the Trainer to meet all learning styles (audio, visual and hands on)
• The language barrier is addressed by breaking down the terminology into phonetics that the learner can comprehend
• A flash drive with a power point with videos is also provided to enhance learning
• Flashcards, board games, word games, and a miniature traffic circle activity are provided to reinforce the lessons, but also to offer and demonstrate fun in learning


Call into the office to receive more information about this program or to schedule a training session with our instructors.


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